Quick and Dirty Reviews 2 – Electric Boogaloo

I read a TON of short fiction while "researching" for my own writing. And sometimes it's just for kicks. And sometimes it's... Well anyway you get the idea. So here are a few quick and dirty reviews of books I've read. The scale I'm using is Wet Panties (the number I'd soak through while reading). … Continue reading Quick and Dirty Reviews 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Smut Marathon – Round 1 Roundup

Floss Does Life did an amazing round up of the first round of entries for the Smut Marathon. So, in the tradition of writers everywhere, I’m going to write one inspired by her.  But go read the original. https://flossdoeslife.com/2019/02/smut-marathon-the-results-round-1/ And if you haven’t, go read the results as well! http://smut.rebelsnotes.com/2019/02/sm-2019-voting-1/ The first assignment was: Write about the moment … Continue reading Smut Marathon – Round 1 Roundup