Why Medium?

"Sorcha," I hear some of you asking, "you're on Twitter and you blog and you have a patreon (whatever that is) and Amazon. What's this about Medium?" Well, that's a very good question. I've chosen to have a presence on Medium (find it here) for a couple of reasons. One, a LOT of people use … Continue reading Why Medium?


Sub Routine – Flash Fiction

Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped out the Smut Marathon 2019. The deadline crept up on me and I didn't get a story in. But there's always next year. This was from assignment #3 where we had to write a short story that was mostly dialog. Enjoy!  “Sub Routine” “Execute program Beta Three.” “Working.” “How are you, … Continue reading Sub Routine – Flash Fiction

Mirror, Mirror – #MasturbationMonday

This picture is used with permission by Nikki at LoveIsAFetish.com (the original post with the picture). Nikki is a sexy sweetheart and you should follow her blog and follow her on Twitter. This post is part of Masturbation Monday! https://masturbationmonday.kaylalords.com/masturbation-monday-227/ It's a work of fiction, FYI. 😉 It's a piece of advice that I've heard from … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror – #MasturbationMonday