Why Medium?

“Sorcha,” I hear some of you asking, “you’re on Twitter and you blog and you have a patreon (whatever that is) and Amazon. What’s this about Medium?”

Well, that’s a very good question. I’ve chosen to have a presence on Medium (find it here) for a couple of reasons. One, a LOT of people use Medium.com to read fiction and non-fiction articles (over 60 million). Two, unlike my blog posts, there is potential to get paid (more on that in a minute). Three, there are publishers on Medium and if you show them what you’re capable of that leads to more opportunities (more on THAT in a minute too). So, all in all, Medium accomplishes some things for me that nothing else I’m on right now does.

Let’s talk about that money first. Medium has a Partner Program (enroll here). Once you’re in it, you can choose to put any post behind their paywall. Anyone who has a paid Medium subscription (for just $5 a month) and interacts with your posts by reading and/or clapping for it results in your getting a little money. It works a little like KU in that respect, except that unlike KU anyone is entitled to read up to two articles a month and you as the publisher/author can give someone a free link or elect to make your story free and publically available. So, the more people who have a paid subscription and read your post the more money you make.

Now, I hear you. “I only know a few people. I won’t make squat.” That’s kind of where I was. But some very good Twitter friends JenX and Kat, dropped some knowledge on me. If you find and submit your story to9 a publisher and they accept it, you get more eyes on you. These publishers are somewhere between traditional publishers and aggregators I suppose. The one who’s put my work under their banner, MyErotica.com, edits and polishes and finds a nice picture for my stories and then promotes the hell out of them. I assume they make a cut as well. I intend to find out a little more about that end of things. They already have an audience that my story will be put in front of and VOILA more reads and claps and $$$.

But let’s talk about what else might happen. Say that editor likes your work a LOT. Odds are good if they’re a publisher on Medium that they also have other platforms. You build a relationship and soon they might ask you to do other things for them. Again, that’s what happened to me. YMMV. Soon I’ll be doing more writing for the fine minds behind My Erotica. And that equals more $$$. And more words for you.

Should you get on Medium? Maybe. Maybe not. Depending on what you write and how good it is, it’s not a bad plan. You may not have the success I’ve had or you might have more. I’m told my writing is very good and VERY clean from an editorial perspective. If this describes you, give it a shot. I’ve already made as much from this month on Medium as I did this month on Amazon and for fewer words. And this is only month one for me. So even I don’t know where this will ultimately land me. I won’t tell you what you need to do. But joining as a creator is free for you. And I recommend getting a membership since a) that will help anyone whose work you read on there and b) you’ll get access to some great stuff.

So, that’s why I’m on Medium and what it’s doing for me. Do you have an opinion on Medium or what you’ve read there? Have something else to add? Please comment!

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