Book Birthday! – Pan Sexual: An Interspecies Romance

Cover PanSexual

Aimee Maroux, longtime writing partner and friend, and I have worked out magic yet again! This time we tackle a love affair between a centuar and a faun (centauride and fauna technically as they’re both women). We wanted to share just a little taste with potential readers and picked out this snippet. 

“Oh by the gods, that does feel good.” She gasped as Rufina’s hand moved inside her. She’d been so haughty in assuming that the fauna would somehow fail in pleasuring her, just because she was different. Her hips moved up and down as though she were trying to scratch an itch, but she was just trying to help her friend find the right spot.

“You can explore any holes you find back there, to your heart’s content.” Spuria grinned.

“Girl, I need all of my hand for your cunt, how do you think I can serve another?” Rufina laughed. This would not be easy. She reached deeper into the opening, until she had fit her whole hand inside to the wrist. Her second hand came to help, circling the other hole just below the tail. Her warm tongue licked at the centauride’s comparatively large pearl.

She wished she could play with her friend’s exquisite breasts as well, but alas, she was not tall enough by far.

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