Underneath Her – #MasturbationMonday

underneathThis picture is used with permission by Little Switch Bitch

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I was only able to look up at her. Fitting, as I did, indeed.

“No touching me.” Her voice was like a soft caress and somehow a paper cut. “Touch yourself.”

She granted me permission. I needed it. My cock was only just free of its cage. It had been bound for days. Trained as I was, I immediately and tenderly touched the tip of my shaft. I could have come in three strokes, I was so bottled up. I also knew as much as she had to order me to touch myself, she would have to order me to come.

I swirled my fingertip around my urethra. The helmet of my cock glistened in the low light of our hotel room. I hissed at the sensation. I turned my eyes to the cleft between her legs. The place I desired with every iota of my being to taste. I imagined what it would be like. Would there be a hint of leather? It would be sweet.

My index finger and thumb made an O and I moved it up and down, only barely glancing against the fringe of flesh at the base of my cockhead. I was still too close to actually stroke my foreskin. I groaned. Even this barest friction was almost enough to cause my eyes to roll back into my head. That would have meant taking my eyes off of her. My left hand pinched hard at my nipple and then pulled at the piercing there. It was a risk since no permission had been granted.

She eased one hand into her panties and began to touch her clit. Her moan was a sign of approval. An echo of my own arousal.

After a handful of seconds, I gripped my shaft lightly. The smell of my own arousal mingled with hers. Sweat trickled down her legs and from my brow. It felt like an oven in our room. The tip of my tongue slid out like a snake’s and tasted the air. I began moving my hand agonizingly slowly up and down. I wanted this to last for hours or days, but I knew I had only minutes if I was lucky. My cock was the thinnest of silk covering millions of nerve endings softly polished with sandpaper until they gleamed red and silver.

She pulled aside the crotch of her panties and a few drops hit my skin.

I would have been shocked that they didn’t sizzle and evaporate, but I was too eager to taste what I could. I swiped my finger through the moisture and touched it to my tongue. I was right. So sweet and just a hint of the animal musk, either her natural flavor or influenced by the touch of hide. Now my eyes did roll back, momentarily. I allowed myself to imagine her riding my hard length and moaning.

“Open your eyes.” There was that voice again. The whipcrack of command.

I did as bade and increased the pressure on my cock. Now I worked faster. At any moment she could tell me to stop. The leaden ball of my orgasm had begun to form.

She squatted and exposed more of her sex. Her fingers moved faster and she continued to sigh and moan. “I want you to see me come before you let yourself come.”

There it was. I was so close. Too close? Could I hold back? I had trained for this. She had molded me. Her words had power. I watched her fuck herself. She became the center of my world. My own stroked were a near second.

More of her essence spattered across my skin. It rained on me, little drops hitting a summer blacktop, the smell of rain and ozone in the near distance. “Close.”

That word gave me permission to move faster. I pinched my nipple again. “Fuck.” I whisper groaned.

Her grunting chuffs of air and the now stillness of her fingers told me she was coming. The rich smell intensified. “Come on my feet.”

Still moving my hand, I managed to get to my knees and aimed my throbbing cockhead at her high heels. “Yes, mistress.” I focused on gleaming leather and grunted like a pig as my load shot out all over those beautiful shoes. Three long, thick spurts of pearlescent white painted the surface. I started to bend over to lick them clean as was our habit when she stepped forward.

“Lick me.”

I looked up and saw her cunt, dripping and waxed, peering at me from those shiny black panties. “Thank you, mistress.” My lips and tongue painted her with my saliva as I received the first taste of her flesh in our relationshiop. It was as fulfilling and amazing as I’d hoped. Her flesh quivered under my tongue and her fingers dug into my hair. I brought her to a second orgasm as I lapped harder and faster. My brain exploded with joy and tears beaded and ran down my cheeks.

She fucked my face for ten more minutes before putting the leash on me and bringing me to her bed for hugs and clean up. Truthfully, it was the best night of my life. Serving underneath her was the highest point in the universe.

12 thoughts on “Underneath Her – #MasturbationMonday

  1. Oh my goodness! You really pinpointed this – the desperation for the pleasure, but the pleasure and pleasing of the mistress coming higher on the list. I loved your touches of input from the other senses, smell taste, memories of rain on hot tarmac. You threw everything you had into this and it showed – oh Boy! Bookmarking for later re-read!


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