Your Tool

masturbation-monday-banner-1This post is part of Masturbation Monday!

Posy Churchgate challenged the two of us to write a post inspired by this lovely image:

While it isn’t inspired by this week’s MM picture, it did… inspire me. Enjoy!
She presented the flogger to her mistress as though serving up a rod to a queen. And in essence, she was. The difference was, unlike a peasant she’d take the beating with joy and her queen would deliver it with love. “I am here as you asked, my queen.” She waited in position on her knees, bowing with her eyes on the floor beneath her.

The click of heels on hardwood circled her like a shark cutting through the water around its bloody prey. MIstress stopped in front of her after three revolutions. She took the flogger and waited until Servant closed her hands. Only then did she resume her walk.

Servant didn’t know when the first blow would come or how hard it would be. She continued holding her loosely curled fists out. She could stay in this position for twenty minutes without discomfort other than some pressure on her knees.  

Mistress didn’t hit her. She dangled the flogger on Servants right shoulder and dragged it slowly down her back over her rounded flank. She did the same on her left shoulder. Thirteen strands of smooth leather teased. Every few seconds the pattern repeated.

Step. Step. Step.

The strands of leather caressed the cleft between her ass cheeks and barely brushed her pudenda. Servant shuddered but knew better than to make a sound.

Step. Step. Step. *Crack* The thirteen strands lashed across the top of her ass, where it met the small of her back. It was a medium-hard strike, one intended to warm her skin and Mistress’ arm.

She jumped a little and nibbled her bottom lip.

“Are you good?”

“No, Mistress. I am an ant beneath your boot.”

Step. Step. Step. Step. *Crack* The lashes hit her right buttock. The pain was bearable and sent a bolt of pleasure to her stomach.

“You’re right, of course, but you’ve been a good servant to me, haven’t you?” Mistress’ voice was cool.

“I can only try and please you, my Mistress. If that makes me good, I am good.” This was the dance and every time it made her stomach flutter. She could feel the moisture build up between her legs. She tried to shift a little.

The movement brought on another blow, this one on her left flank. “Are you uncomfortable?”

The lines of heat were delicious, but it did hurt. Mistress’ arm must have already been warm. Too many more of those and she would begin yelping. “No mistress.” *Crack* She jumped as the lines crossed over the ones already on her left flank. “Yes, mistress, but not from maintaining my posture.”

“Two for lying.” The twin blows were nearly as hard as any Servant had ever felt. They hit just below the small of her back.

Servant jumped and squeaked at the pain. Mistress hated lying, but Servant couldn’t defend herself. That would only redouble the punishment. “I heard you were training someone new.”

This time the leather strips whistled before landing on Servant’s ass.

Servant jumped and squealed. Pain. She worried, not for herself but for Mistress. Was she striking her in anger? She could use the safe word but wasn’t ready for that. Yet. “I’m sorry, Mistress. That isn’t my concern.” As much as it hurt, she did love it so. Her lips had swollen and she imagined how Mistress’ fingers would feel on her.

“You’re damn right. It isn’t your concern. Don’t I always treat you well? Don’t I please you? And what do I get in return?” *Crack crack* The twin blows hit Servant across her right flank. It wasn’t as hard as it could have been.

“Disrespect.” Servant’s face heated in shame for second guessing her Mistress. She had no reason to be jealous. If true it hadn’t affected their time together. “I’m sorry.”

Mistress stopped behind her. She got to her knees. A leather clad hand caressed Servant’s reddened skin. “So beautiful. Your marks are nice and red tonight against your pale skin.” A long, smooth finger probed Servant’s wet cunt. “And you’re wet. So wet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Servant’s voice cracked a little. She felt like she might cry at any time. Mistress loved her. How could she doubt that? She felt wetness hit her skin. It could have almost sizzled her ass was still so hot from the strikes. “Mistress Brenda?”

The voice that answered lacked confidence. “Yes,”

Servant, known to most as Tanya, set her jaw. “I’m going to sit up.”

“OK.” This was the Brenda voice, soft and demure on most days.  

Tanya sat up, careful to not put too much weight on her stripes. Mistress Brenda knelt behind her, face in hands. Tanya took the lovely dom in her arms and squeezed. “What’s wrong, love?”

The lean, muscular woman Brenda had known for years ugly cried in her arms for the first time ever. “He won’t take no for an answer.”

Anger flashed over Tanya’s features, but Brenda didn’t see it. “Did he rape you?” She had no idea who “he” was, but she felt a need to break out her knives, not the play ones.

Brenda shook her head. “No. He keeps asking me to go out with him and I keep telling him no and I’m just so fucking tired. Why can’t he just do what I tell him?”

Tanya got up, pulling Brenda with her. Together they moved to the couch. She held Brenda in her lap. “Not everyone has our special relationship.” She kissed her Dom on the temple and nuzzled her ear. “I could have a talk with him.”

Brenda patted her thigh. “I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble. You could lose your PI license.”

Tanya, setting aside her submissive role completely, spoke through gritted teeth. “It would be worth it. I’d fuck anyone up who hurt you.”

Brenda turned and kissed her. Hard. “Now you’re just trying to turn me on.”

Tanya smiled and shrugged. “Is it working?” That certainly wasn’t her only motive, but it was chief among them.

Brenda took her hand and guided it between her legs. She was naked under the leather harness. “You tell me.”

“Oh, Mistress Brenda, you’re so wet.” Tanya’s hand made squelching noises as she slid fingers in and out. “And your pussy is so beautiful since you had it waxed.”

Brenda bit her lips and there it was, the power and heat in her eyes that had first drawn them together. “You’re my favorite drug, you know that.” The lovers kissed, tongues playful and exploring though the territory was well known. Mistress Brenda broke the kiss. “Now, re-assume the position.”

Tanya the Servant resumed her place. In moments she felt the warm, thick lube trickle across her ass and down between her cheeks. It looked like she was to get a reward!

Mistress’s fingers smeared the lubricant over skin, still hot from the spanking. Her movements were sure and strong, but gentle.

Servant hissed in pleasure as first one finger and then another made its way into her tight rear passage.

“You may speak and make as many noises as you like. You’ve earned this.” Mistress pumped two fingers in and out of the now thoroughly lubricated sphincter. Simultaneously, with her other hand, she pressed a small vibrator against Servant’s clit and turned it on.

The orgasm took almost no time to build. Thanks to Mistress’s knowledge of her body,, she came right up to the edge and back down, again and again. Servant wailed and screamed in pleasure as Mistress added yet another finger, really loosening her up.

“I have a new toy. It will fill you in a way you’ve never been filled before.” Mistress’s voice was thrilled.

Servant’s heart soared at the joy she heard. “Fuck me, mistress. Fill me with yourrrr….” When the toy settled at her opening, she hissed. “Oh god that’s so big.” The texture and size certainly were new to her experience.

Mistress pushed the toy in, gently at first. It hadn’t gone in far before it was joined by a second protrusion entering Servant’s pussy.

Servant’s eyes rolled back in her head. “Sweet Jesus, that’s good.” When Mistress was hilted inside Servant, she rocked her hips urging Mistress to really fuck her in earnest.

Mistress cackled. “I’ll set the pace, my girl.” She smacked servant on the ass.

Servant clamped around the double dildo and shrieked in a mix of pleasure and pain. “Again.” Another loud smack. “Oh god, another.”

Mistress began sliding in and out, faster and faster with each thrust. She kept the slaps light but knew just how to hit so it sounded worse than it was.

Since she’d been edging for so long, it didn’t take much to push Servant over the precipice. She grunted and howled as she came, unable to tell Mistress how wonderful it felt with words.

Mistress clutched her tits and slowed her movements, continuing to ride Servant as she came and whispering blessings and a multitude of thanks. “You’re my heart. Come for me you gorgeous thing.” Soon the women dragged themselves back to the couch and held each other until the quivering stopped and they floated in bliss.

9 thoughts on “Your Tool

  1. The peeling away of layers to show different facets of their relationship was fascinating. Tanya being a PI tantalised with so many questions. The main one being: does she feature in any other stories?


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