“Love Starts in the Bathroom” – #LesFic


Sometimes an image comes across my feed that undoes me. This is one (if anyone knows where it comes from, let me know). Everything about this is sexy as hell. So I challenged a couple of my gal pal writers who are into such things to put fingers to pussy keyboard and send it to me. This is my entry. The characters share names with good friends Posy Churchgate  and Evelyn Chartres. I thank them for their inspiration and permission for the Tuckerization.

Evelyn stalked into the restaurant bathroom in a fit of pique. She threw her purse onto the little bench and pounded her fist on the sink. “That was fucking stupid.” Tears filled her eyes.

Five seconds later, Posy entered the room and once the door was closed, she locked it. “What the fuck was that about? You were bloody rude.”

Evelyn looked into the mirror and glared at her supposed friend. “I told you it was a bad idea, setting me up on a date. I’m not ready.” She was a mess of confusion and anger but wasn’t sure why.

Posy moved to stand behind her, arms folded. “Well you insulted your date and I’m pretty sure you scared both of them off. Look at me.”

When Evelyn felt Posy’s hand on her shoulder, she whirled around on the much taller woman. “Leave me the fuck alone.” Her arms pinwheeled, trying to take her rage out on her friend.

Grabbing her by the hair, Posy jerked Evelyn’s head. “Hold the fuck on. I didn’t do anything but try to help you.”

When Posy looked down on her, fist full of her hair, it was like everything snapped sharply into focus. Evelyn’s stomach clenched and she stopped trying to hit her friend. “I want to be with you, god damn it. It’s why I left Sam. It’s why I didn’t want to be fixed up with this guy. Ever since that night when we got drunk and you took care of me, listening to me…” She stopped and realized her hair was still in a firm grip and Posy’s eyes were still fierce. “Can you let me go?”

Posy shook her head. “You’ve been a right diva, pain in the arse. I know you’re attracted to me, it’s mutual. But that doesn’t give you the right to make my life miserable.” She bore down on her friend, forcing the smaller woman to her knees. “You’re going to make this up to me, right here and right now. Or I let you go, and… I don’t know what.”

Evelyn shook her head, conscious of the tile under her knees and that a half full restaurant full of people existed the other side of the door. Her focus narrowed to the pulse between her thighs. “How can I make it up to you?”

“How indeed?” Posy released the brunette’s hair and raked up her skirt. She rolled her panties and hose down her smooth thighs, revealing a triangle of dark pubic hair. “Eat me out. Grovel for me. Beg my forgiveness for thinking about no one but yourself. Then we can start over. Or do you want to keep lying to yourself?”

Her heart in her throat, Evelyn reached out and grabbed Posy’s hand and brought it back to her head. She nodded and smiled a little as the sexy woman dragged her face in. She wanted to nuzzle the thatch of soft hair, but Posy apparently had a need. Her cunt was already sopping wet.

Evelyn’s tongue lapped at the damp cleft and her nose brushed the large firm clit sticking out from its hood.

“All I could think of was your mouth on me all night.” Posy sighed.

She’d tasted her own pussy during sex play with Sam and loved it. The realization was surfacing that she loved the taste of her own pussy more than the two cocks she’d sampled in her life but she resisted the obvious connection.

“Fuck that’s so good.” Posy tugged and spread, working to make every inch of her pussy available.

Evelyn moaned into the increasingly wet flesh and nodded. It was damn good. Her friend tasted amazing and her own pussy was getting just as ready. She reached under her skirt and began to finger her damp panties.

Posy jerked her by the hair. “Fuck no. You focus on me. Then you can maybe get yourself off.” Her words were fierce, fueled more by lust than anger.

Evelyn loved having her hair pulled. That was nothing new. Every tug sent shockwaves down her body, through her nipples and to her core. She eased up from her knees to feet and widened her stance to give her more stability. If she was going to eat pussy she was going to get comfortable. She pulled Posy’s panties and hose further down her muscular legs and ran nails up and down smooth skin.

“Get in there. Fuck, yes.” Posy was working to keep her volume low. “I’ll pull that fucking hair out by the roots if you don’t get your nose all the way in there.”

True to her word, Posy was hauling on the clump of hair she had in her hand. Squealing in pain and delight, Evelyn pushed her face as hard as she could into hot, wet folds. She slid her right hand up Posy’s left leg and grabbed her firm ass. Her left hand slid up the inside of Posy’s thigh and worked in between thick lips. She coated her finger in the pooling honey while she lapped Posy’s cunt and using her nose to stimulate the British woman’s clit.

“You’re bloody good at this.” Posy groaned. “Fuck my arse. Fuck it now.”

Evelyn pulled her coated finger out and slid it in between Posy’s ass cheeks and into the tight hole. She yearned to touch herself, but until she could, she planned to make this woman scream even if it got them kicked out.

Posy began panting. She spread her thighs as best as her hobbled legs would let her. “Right there, fuck yes. Just like that. I should have had you lick me out me a long time ago.”

Evelyn moved her mouth to suck Posy’s clit, needing to breathe somehow. Her frantic gasp filled her head with the rich scent of Posy’s arousal. She slurped noisily at sweet, succulent flesh and gave her finger the slightest wiggle.

Finally, Posy released Evelyn’s hair and supported her weight on Evelyn’s shoulders. She began squeaking and shaking uncontrollably.

Evelyn moved her finger faster and faster in Posy’s ass while sucking hard on her clit, and moving her tongue as quickly as she could. She shook her head like a dog worrying a bone and moaned, knowing the vibrations would further stimulate sensitive flesh. She worked her thumb into her friend’s pussy and massaged its rear wall, pinching her buried finger and thumb together.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” Posy’s high pitched wail would definitely be heard beyond the walls of the bathroom.

Muscular walls clenched Evelyn’s thumb and finger. She straightened as best she could and Posy met her halfway, their mouths colliding with wet smacking noises. Tongues wrestled and Posy moaned around Evelyn’s. They broke the kiss and Evelyn reluctantly pulled her hand free.

Posy eased over to the sink, letting her weight rest on the sturdy porcelain. “Oh my fucking stars.”

Evelyn washed her hands at the sink and checked her face. Her makeup was a wreck and she had sex hair. She also had a shit eating grin. “We need to get out of here before we’re thrown out.” She helped Posy pull her underwear up and get arranged.

“The boys already paid. I know a back way out of here. We won’t have to do the walk of shame.”

Posy smiled as well, though it was a little tremulous.

“I’m not ashamed.” She hugged her friend from behind. “I just wish our first time hadn’t been in a restaurant bathroom. And that it had been a long time ago.”

Their eyes met in the restroom mirror. She let Posy go and checked. No one was waiting right outside. “Let’s go.”

They broke for it and were soon walking arm and arm down the alley, laughing but looking forward to the rest of the night.


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