Daddy Gets His

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Daddy wanted me to make it up to him. I thought the best way I could do that would be to use his favorite toy on him. “Are you ready, Daddy?”

He leaned up against the wall, hands and feet shoulder-width apart. “I am, little girl. You treat me nice, now.”

I knelt at his feet, my face level with his gorgeous ass. “Oh, I will, Daddy.” I kissed each cheek softly, enjoying the woodsy scent of his skin and the earthy smell coming from his cock. He was already dripping with anticipation. I squirted a generous amount of lube into my palm and worked it in my hands so it was warm. My hands were so slippery. I massaged the lube into his skin and worked it into the cleft between his cheeks. His skin there was so warm.

Daddy moaned as I brushed his puckered flesh.

Another squirt of the lube and I worked first one index finger and then the other into his tight sphincter.

He relaxed into my hands as I stretched him out. “Yes. That’s so good, my princess.”

I giggled and then stood up, pulling the hem of my nightgown up to reveal the thick, rubber cock hiding there. I slid my hands over it, making sure it was as ready as Daddy was. Then, I pressed into him and ran my hands over his stomach and chest.

He pushed back against me, careful not to knock me over. “I’m ready for you.”

My right hand grabbed the base of my strap on while my left held his stomach. I eased just the tip into his tight, hot hole. Then I spider walked my hand down to his waiting cock. I touched the tip of it with my pinky finger and rubbed it around, spreading the wetness over the tip. Bringing it back to my lips, I licked off the saltiness as I pushed my hips forward. Daddy slid onto the fake cock as easy as could be.

He groaned deep in his chest as I moaned around my pinky. He tasted so good. Almost as good as he smelled.

I grabbed him by the hips as I began pumping into him. My pussy and ass were full of their own hard dildos and my flesh quivered as it reacted to my motions. As I was fucking him, he was fucking me. I sped up the pace and then lunged hard into him, grabbing him around his cock.

I gyrated my hips as I stroked his length. I knew from my own sense of fullness what he was feeling. “You’re so fucking good to me, Daddy, to let me fuck you like this.” The squishing noise intensified as I milked his cock for all it was worth. My hands were still covered in lube and Daddy’s own natural juices added to the level of slick, hot moisture gathering along its shaft.

My clit was getting all the attention it needed from the harness bump. As I ground against him, shoving my cock as far as I could into him, my orgasm began to build. “Are you close, Daddy?”

He grunted. “Yes, baby. Fuck me hard and I’ll come.”

I did as I was told, changing the pace and pulling nearly all the way out before slamming back in. He loved being fucked harder than I did and I wanted to please him. My orgasm grew closer and closer.

“Fuck yes, I’m coming.” I heard the thick goo hit the wall.

“Let me come too, Daddy.” It was so close I may not be able to wait for permission.

“Do it.” He grunted again.

I ground against him and whimpered as my cunt and ass clenched around the dildos inside me. My whimpers turned to screams as the orgasm bore down on me like an avalanche. As my stomach clenched I grabbed him around the middle and hung on for dear life. His scent filled my head and I was drunk on all of the sensations. He held my arms tightly under his and the warmth and safety flooded through me as I bit his shoulder and cried out again and again.


11 thoughts on “Daddy Gets His

  1. This is turning into a great series, I think this is my favourite so far. I really ‘clenched’ and got involved when I realised she was wearing 2 plugs as well! I totally love her description of priming Daddy – that is one of my favourite bits of play too!


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