Fun Sized vs Full Sized – #MM #FriFlash

Bob locked the door and cracked open a cold beer. This had been a good year, but he still had candy left. The better the costume, the more likely the kid would get a full sized version of that bar. He still had a few left and was looking forward to treating himself to one. … Continue reading Fun Sized vs Full Sized – #MM #FriFlash


Under Arrest – #BDSM #MF

I decided to take a crack at some Male/Female BDSM for this fun-sized fiction!  I got tired of the guy hitting on me at the Halloween party, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I was dressed as a police officer, though not the slutty kind. I was pretty dolled up, but convincing. The … Continue reading Under Arrest – #BDSM #MF

A Tail’s Tale – #Masturbation Monday

Something quick and dirty for you guys! This post is part of Masturbation Monday! Master got me a new tail, don't you like it? It fits so nicely, filling my asshole. I like to get on all fours and lap milk from my saucer. Master likes it too. He stands over me and strokes … Continue reading A Tail’s Tale – #Masturbation Monday