Jade’s New Toy -#Lesfic

My girlfriend Jade and I couldn’t be more different in some ways. She’s 5’2” and petite as fuck. I’m 6’4” with broad shoulders, big tits, and long legs. She’s spritely and bubbly. I hate people who aren’t her. She’s adventurous in bed and out. I like to play it safe. We make it work, though. We’ve been together for three years and our chemistry is amazing.

I wanted to surprise her for her birthday. There was something she’d always wanted to try and I’d been reluctant. On a whim and thanks to our friend Faust, I bought the perfect set of presents. Once we’d gotten home after dinner out, I looked over at her through my lashes. I wore my patented Wicked Grin, so she knew something was up. “You ready for your presents?”

She raised a delicate eyebrow. “I thought our dinner was my present this year.” She knew better. Giving gifts was something I loved.

“”Come with me to the bedroom.” I got up and started to sashay to the back of our little apartment. I knew her eyes were on my broad hips and big ass.

“Yes, my lovely.”

Our bedroom was an oasis away from my stressful job and often acted as a stage for Jade to do her thing. She’s a cam girl. I know, right? I’m a lucky lady. She’s gorgeous and after she gets worked up I get her all to myself. The four poster bed had gauzy fabric hanging from its corners and cameras mounted strategically to give her customers the best angles. I’d set it all up for her a year or so ago. I shrugged the deep purple dress off of my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. The matching purple bra and panties had been a gift from her earlier this year. They were full coverage with lots of lace details and I felt like a goddamn princess in them. The garter belt and stockings were new and part of her present.

“You look amazing, love.” She took me in her arms and pressed her head to my tits.

I pushed her back and gestured for her to undress. She wore a suit tailored to enhance her peach shaped ass and slim figure. The gray trousers hit the floor and soon the white shirt and gray jacket joined them. She stood there in her heels and a black thong and I wanted to eat her up. There would be time for that later.

We both kicked off our shoes and I crawled onto the bed. Nestled in the pillows was a silver bag. I sat in the middle of our California King and held it out to her.

She followed me up and sat across from me on her knees. She took the bag and pulled out the paper. She started squealing the second she saw it. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She practically bounced over to me holding the gift. She hugged me hard and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on my lips. “I didn’t think you were interested in this.” She held out the strap on harness, the pale fabric coming close to matching her skin tone and the silver ring glinting in the lights.

I shrugged and my smile was as broad as a barn door. “I thought it over and all my arguments seemed stupid and selfish.” I held up a finger. “There’s more. Reach under your corner of the mattress.”

Her eyes got big as saucers and I watched her turn and crawl over. I could see her panties were already damp. “Oh. My. GAWD!” She pulled a black strap up and out, dropping it on the bed. In seconds she’d visited each corner and pulled matching straps up. “A bondage set? Best girlfriend, ever!”

I flicked my finger at her. “Well, try it on.”

She hopped off of the bed and arranged the harness on the mattresses edge. Then she skimmed her panties down, revealing a positively bald snatch. She knew the guys loved it and I enjoyed its smoothness under my tongue. Turning to her bedside table, and presenting me with the view of her damp lips and cute ass, she opened the drawer containing her most often used dildoes and other sex toys. She pulled out a thick, rainbow one and tested its heft. She glanced over at me. “I’m going to wreck your sweet pussy tonight.”

I took off my bra and let my breasts fall free. Large pink nipples were already hard. “Mmmm, you won’t have any problems getting that into me tonight. I’m already wet.” I opened my legs, stocking framing my purple panties. They were already darker to prove my claim.

While she worked on putting on her harness and the eight-inch dildo, I unsnapped the crotch of my panties. I loved to be fucked while wearing lingerie, so most of my fuck me drawers were crotchless or had snaps. Then I lay spread eagle on the bed. “I’m ready.”

Jade walked around and secured my hands and feet, making sure nothing was too tight or pinched.  

“You’re good at this.” I looked over at her and smiled.

“It’s not my first time tying a woman to my bed.” She knew that turned me on even more.

“Get over here and get that magical cock in me.” I tugged at the arm straps. I was well and truly helpless. I’d expected to be nervous, but the butterflies I had were from excitement. A deep well of trust had been built over the years so I knew I was in good hands.

“I will.” She crawled onto the foot of the bed and up between my legs. “But first I need to check and make sure your cunt is as ready as you say.” She moved the fabric aside and ran her fingers through my dark, damp curls. I liked a more natural look, but kept it trimmed away from my labia.

I groaned as I felt the tug on my hair and when she briefly touched my clit I yipped.

“Sensitive tonight?” She looked up from between my legs.

“For you, every night.”

She blew on my damp skin and moved closer and closer to the glistening flesh. Her tongue touched me with the barest of flicks and it felt like I’d been caressed with a live wire. Oh, let me talk about my lover’s tongue. It is broad and long and flexible as hell. It was one reason we didn’t really need a sex toy. That member was better than any finger or dildo or cock. It did things to me nothing else could do. She lapped at me with long slow strokes, opening me up with gradually increasing force. She used it instead of her fingers to probe my depths and see just how wet I was. In between licks, she moaned. “You taste amazing.”

I was too busy panting and groaning to answer.

She dove back in and began tongue fucking me in earnest.

I found my voice. “God I want to ride your face. I want to grind my cunt against you. Oh Jesus, Jesus, Je- FUCK, OH MY FUCK RIGHT THERE!” I jerked and tried to get as much of my skin in contact with her as I could. The straps held me tight and I mewled in frustration.

I heard her laugh and when she stopped and looked up I could see her face smeared with my juices. “I think you’re ready.”

I keened. “If you don’t fuck me now…” There was nothing I could do. My hips twitched in her general direction.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you alright.” She slid up my body and holding the rainbow cock at its base, she slid the head in, just until it started to flair out.

“Fucking tease!” I was able to rotate my hips and my head tilted back. “It’s so thick.” I’d had this one inside me before and it really did fill me up.

She fed another inch into me and another.

“Please, God, slam into me. Plow me. Use my cunt.” I needed it hard and fast. This slow business was driving me crazy. I clawed at the sheets as best I could, wishing I could shred her back.

She was having none of it. My begging only served to make her movement slow and more deliberate. “Can you hear how wet you are?” She actually drew the cock out a bit and then shoved it in twice as quick.

Over the sound of my breathy scream, I couldn’t hear anything so I shook my head.

“You want it again?” Without waiting she did it again, pulling out two or three inches and shoving the thick dildo back in.

“Ah! Fuck!” I wanted to wrap my legs around her hips and pull her into me. Muscles in my legs quivered. I was about to beg her to fuck me harder when I felt her finger brush my clit. My body jerked against the restraints. “Jesus!”

Breathily, Jade continued. “I wanted to be able to fuck you like this so I could have both hands free.” She had been kneeling between my legs and using her arms to hold her body up. Now she put more of her weight on me and played with my clit and one of my nipples. She kissed my neck and played me like her bass guitar. As she did, her hips shifted and she pushed the rainbow the last couple of inches. The sensation of her rubbing my clit with her fingers went away to be replaced with her grinding on me while she used both hands on my breasts.

“Have mercy. Fuck my brains out, you maniac.” I needed to come so bad I could taste it.

Raising up, she wrapped one hand around my throat and kept the other on my tit. Her weight on me was negligible. The effect the stranglehold and hard twisting of my nipple were almost all I could think about. Then she began sliding in and out of me faster and faster.

The orgasm I’d been building towards for ten minutes? Fifteen? Finally began to approach its peak. I gargled another scream out and focused on the way her little tits bounced as she fucked me hard. The visuals of her wicked smile and my own body’s soft flesh moving as I was pounded were all it took to push me over the edge. “God I’m c- c- coming.” My torso wrenched up, pushing against Jade. Stomach muscles clenched and my cunt clamped around the thick rod. It was so good to be filled, stretched out and feeling her body against mine. I howled my orgasm to the world.

Jade collapsed on top of me as though she had actually come. It took a few moments for me to realize she was holding me tightly and continuing to fuck me. The second orgasm hit right on the heels of the first one. Flesh slapping flesh and our grunts of exertion were the only sounds for a while.

After I knew not how long, she pulled out of me and crawled down my body. I wasn’t a squirter, but the amount of fluid dripping from me was significant. I heard her slurping it from me and then felt her mouth clamp on my clit. That broke me utterly. I screamed bloody gibberish as she attacked my sensitive nub. At some point she filled me with the rainbow cock again, using her hand this time. My head shook and then my body seized. “Stop. Ohgodpleasestop.” The pleasure had built to pain levels and threatened to go all the way around again.    

Covered in sweat from our exertions, she collapsed near me. A distant part of my brain felt the restraints loosen. I must have dozed off. Circulation began to return to my limbs and she rubbed my arms and legs while I came down.

“Remind me to put up less of a fight when you want to try something new.” I managed to get the words out.

“Funny you should say that.” Jade panted. “There’s somewhere else I’d like to stick this little toy.”



Arachne – Horror

And now for something COMPLETELY different… I get the urge to do something like this time and again. 

She hunted for those who would invade her territory and tickle her web. When she heard the nearby cries, she knew someone needed her and her hunger would be sated. She worked her way from rooftop to rooftop, until finally, she arrived above the source of the cries.

The sound of ripping cloth and laughter preceded the sound of another scream. “Yeah, bitch, make us work for it and it’ll hurt more. We don’t care either way.”

She could see the woman lying in the midst of four men. The square of grass was braced by brick on three sides and a wooden wall on the fourth. There would be no escape for the victim. Her skirt and shirt were already torn.

She landed lightly next to the intended prey. “Hello, boys.” She knew her figure was pleasing to them, all curves and long slender arms and legs clad in black. Even her head and eyes were completely obscured. Only her vulva and breasts were visible.

“What kind of freak show is this?” The leader wondered. He was definitely the leader, larger than the others for sure.

“Must be a bitch from that underground club a few streets over.” Another answered from her left.

“I am Arachne. I am here to defend her and see that you get the punishment you deserve.” Arachne pointed at the woman who had taken a moment to cover her bared flesh the best she could.

The leader brandished his knife. “Dressed like that you look like you’re the one who needs punishing.”

Arachne got to her knees and gestured for the leader to approach. “You don’t need your weapon. She’s no threat to you and it’s no use against me. If sex is what you desire, I can give that to you.”

The man approached her. “We take what we want.” He folded the blade and tucked it away. “I’m going to take your mouth and then I’m going to take your pussy. Then my boys can fuck you in the ass. And then we’ll see if we have anything left for her.”

Arachne shrugged. “I’ll take you first, then.”

He unzipped and pulled out his cock. It was admirable in size and certainly hard.

She took it in her hand and stroked it. That’s when the man realized that the black covering she wore wasn’t cloth or latex. It was something like armor and covered in short fur.

His eyes widened both in pleasure, involuntary as it was, and horror. “What the hell are you?”

Arachne looked up at him. It was apparent at this distance that she had more than one set of eyes. Her chelicerae opened from what had appeared to be her jaw. “Arachne.” She grabbed his now wilting cock firmly and the now visible mandibles came closer to it.

“No. Kill this bitch.” He screamed as the tip of his cock was sliced off.

She swallowed the first part of her meal. It was good to have fresh meat. She released her prey, preferring to play a little with it before finishing it off. Besides, as the others realized she had taken precautions to seal off the only exit they may react violently.

Blood seeped from between the leader’s fingers as he clutched his injury. “Fuck, what did you do to me?”

“I injured you as you were going to injure her.” Arachne hunched on all fours, her legs unhinging, revealing their conjoined nature. Now she could travel more quickly on eight legs. She quickly dispatched the three others, knowing they were inferior. She jumped on the back of each, bit them, and extruded webbing from what had appeared to be a vulva. Soon they would be her evening meal.

Returning to the leader, she assumed her humanoid shape. “I need you.”

By now he’d started to go into shock from pain and blood loss. “Why… What do you need me for?”

She pushed him back and once he lay prone, she removed his jeans completely. “I need your seed. I need more children.”

He screamed as she harvested the organs which produced seed in humans.

She drank it from its source and it made its way to her reproductive organs. As she did, she noticed the man had expired. His heart must have stopped.

His scream had been replaced by a higher pitched one. The woman.

Arachne turned and observed her. “I have no interest in you. Close your eyes and ignore the sounds of my feeding. Once I am gone, you may leave. I will have cleared the way.” She turned to her meals and gave the final human not a single additional thought.

Daddy’s Punishing Me


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I wait, just like daddy told me to. I’m draped over the foot of my bed and my hands are secured through the straps, just like I’ve been taught. All I wear is my Hello Kitty tee shirt and the bright pink thong.

I hear daddy’s heavy steps enter my room and the sound of leather slipping through his belt loops. “You and Ashley have been awful today. You especially, my little brat.”

I warm at the words but I don’t want to show it. I pout. “I hate you.”

“This is for your own good.” The cracking sound means he’s doubled the belt and snapped it to let me know he’s ready.

I set my jaw in defiance.

The first blow is a real cracker. He doesn’t hold back. I jolt as it makes contact with my skin. It burns, almost as hot as my face. I whimper, but its locked behind teeth. As always, I can’t deny how hot it makes me. The second one lands just north of the first. If I thought the first one had some speed behind it, it was nothing. My knees tremble as this whimper escapes my mouth.

The third and fourth cross over old territory and the heat travels from my skin and through my core. Again, I do my best to make no noise.

“I see. Hardball.” The zipper and rustle of fabric give me some idea of what to expect. He tears the panties from my skin and pulls the butt plug from its resting place. The sudden vacancy will be filled soon enough. He picks me up and sets my knees on the bed. I expect the lube but don’t get it.

I scream as he pushes into me. The pain is intense. My body is used to the fullness, but to be ripped into without lube is a new level of sensation. “Fuck. That hurts.” None of these is the safe word. He continues pumping into me. There’s no letting me get accommodated. There’s just raw, animal need.

“We. Don’t. Say. Hate.” Each word punctuated by a thrust. “You. Are. My. Girl.” The smack of his hand on my right cheek is so damn loud.

Tears fill my eyes. Pain, humiliation, and the knowledge that he’s right all war in my brain. I can feel my cunt flowing with the juices brought on by the pounding. There will be no orgasm for me. Not any time soon.

He smacks each cheek two or three times as he continues fucking me in the ass. Then he grabs my long ponytail and hauls back on it. The mirror is there and I can see his wonderful body. I look up and now I can see him fucking my round, firm ass. I can see how bright red it is. He’s looking directly into my eyes. I can see the love and disappointment there.

His cock throbs in my tight hole. Before he comes, he pulls out. His magnificent tool slaps me on each cheek and then he comes around and climbs onto the bed. He’s between my outstretched arms. “Open your mouth.”

I do as I’m told and he shoves it into my waiting hole. The taste of his use of me is overwhelming. The head hits the back of my throat violently and I gag. A new freshet of tears runs down my face, taking my makeup with it. There will be no makeup for the rest of the month. I’ve lost the privilege.

He grunts and his pace quickens. My cunt throbs at the sensation of choking on him. I lift my head as best I can and he begins to literally choke me. I get dizzy as my blood supply is cut off. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this. He knows when to let off and when to squeeze. My vision clouds and my focus narrows to the flesh driving in and out of my mouth.

He comes with a loud growl and the thick spunk shoots down my abused throat. I swallow as best I can not to waste a drop. He falls back onto the bed and chuckles. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” When he sits back up, he has the ball gag that lives under the pillow. He puts it in place and gets off. The butt plug goes back where it belongs. “I’ll send your sister in to take care of your ass. Think about what you’ve done and be ready with your best apology when I come back.”


Daddy’s Little

It was a hellacious day and by the time I got home I was fucked. It was nearly midnight and I needed something but didn’t know what. I come through the door and he’s waiting for me.

“You’re very late, young lady. You come right here and kneel in front of daddy.”

I do, my throat tight from the disappointment I fear.

“What’s this?” He wipes a tear from my eye. “I’m just looking out for you.” He kisses my hair.

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“I know you are, little girl.”

And just like that, I’m no longer a 32 year old law partner. I’m someone who’s cared for.

“Go get in your nighty and come back out. Then you can sit in daddy’s lap and I’ll read you a bedtime story.”

I got up and ran to my room.n I come back, hair in pigtails and flannel nighty on. My pussy tingles, but it’s not about sex with this “daddy”. It’s about safety and love and comfort. I sit in his lap and feel his erection pressing against my ass. It may be a little about sex with him.

I squirm as though getting comfortable, knowing that it’s tormenting him a little.

He drinks from his glass of scotch and starts to read to me from the usual bedtime routine.

I stop him with my hand on his knee. “Daddy, I feel like I should apologize. Can I do that, daddy?”

I hear his throat click as he swallows. “You already did, baby.”

I get up and kneel in front of him again. I look up and see his eyes – a little bloodshot – and the sheen on his forehead. He’s thought about this change in our agreement. Dutch courage? I don’t break the roleplay. “You look like you don’t feel well, daddy. You were worried about me.” I put my hands on his thighs and run them up and down, going a little higher each time.

“I always worry about you, Suzy.” He uses the little girl version of my name.

“That’s what makes you a good daddy. You’re such a very, very good daddy.” I finally reach his crotch and feel his fullness under my hand. I can also feel evidence that he’s not the only one who’s turned on. “Let me be such a good girl to you.” I unzip his trousers and pull out his thick cock.

“You’re always a good girl, but if you do this I might have to punish you later.” He smiles down at me.

I kiss the tip, letting my tongue flick out and taste him. I haven’t tasted cock in too long. His is clean and the salt floods my mouth with saliva. “Yes, daddy. So I’ll need to make this count.” I take him in my mouth. Seated and at this angle, it’s not hard to take in his full length. I move my head up and down and his groans fill my ears. Every few pumps, I swirl my tongue. I haven’t forgotten how its done.

“Just like that. Oh yes.”

I look up through my eyelashes and can see the whites of his eyes. I hum around him and pull off of the tip with a suck. “You taste so good, daddy.” He really did, the smell of the scotch in the air adding a smokiness to the experience.

“Be a good girl and lift up your nighty. You must be getting hot.”

I nod as I start sucking again and do as I’m told, revealing my bare ass. Cool air felt good on my skin. I run my fingers between my legs, finding my clean shaven pussy already dripping. I moan around the mouthful. I think about his punishing me later. His hand hitting my bare ass as I think about his taste and smell. I move my mouth faster and faster as my fingers keep pace.

He grabs my pigtails but is gentle. Daddy is always so gentle. “I want to give you a present in your mouth. Can I do that?”

I nod and make a noise in the affirmative. My fingers dance even faster. I feel my pussy clench as the first sticky glob hits the back of my throat. I moan and squeal as my mouth fills. As he comes in my mouth again, I fuck myself hard. The clenching makes my whole body jerk, but I keep him in my mouth.

Once he’s done and while I’m still trembling with aftershocks, I clean him with my tongue, kiss the tip, and place him gently back in his pants. After I zip it up, I let my nighty fall back around my legs and sit in his lap. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Thank you, baby girl.” He kisses the top of my head and I feel like we’ve gone to a new place. One I love as much as any girl loved her daddy.

Fun Sized vs Full Sized – #MM #FriFlash

Bob locked the door and cracked open a cold beer. This had been a good year, but he still had candy left. The better the costume, the more likely the kid would get a full sized version of that bar. He still had a few left and was looking forward to treating himself to one. Just as he was about to put out the light, there was a knock on the solid oak. A little annoyed at being interrupted and the lateness of the hour, he still had the spirit of the season and opened it to greet the potential ghouls.

The young man who stood there was gorgeous. He wore a pair of tight blue jeans and engineer boots. His only commitment to the holidays seemed to be a fitted black tee showing off his pecs with the phrase “I could be your Boooo!” in an orange spooky typeface. It was cute. His features were sharply defined, almost lupine and the short beard and thick black hair were perfectly styled. In short, this was Bob’s idea of a dream come true.

“Can I help you, young man?” In truth, there was little more than fifteen years difference between the two.

He smiled, showing bright, even teeth. “Trick or treat?”

The smile made Bob’s cock stiffen. He was grateful to be caught wearing a wizard’s cloak over his own shorts and tee. “Sorry, aren’t you a little old?” His words weren’t unkind. Personally, as long as the person was making an effort he didn’t’ care how old they were. He was willing to count this outfit as wickedly stunning at least. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun.

“I heard you had something full sized for the right people.” He stepped across the threshold. “Am I the right person?”

Bob was sucked into the dark, smoldering eyes. There was something hypnotizing about them. “You are.” His words were weak but his erection was strong.

Boo closed the door and placed a hand on Bob’s chest. Without a word he pushed the older man back a few steps and unzipped the robe, ending up on his knees before the homeowner. “Oh my.” He peered up through thick lashes. “This is full sized.” He ran a finger down the respectable tent in Bob’s shorts.

Bob nodded. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Bob.” He unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts and pulled both them and the boxers down. “No tighty whities. I approve.” He blew on the purple head of Bob’s leaking cock. “And you smell good enough to eat.” He slid those full, wicked lips over the tip and down the shaft, enveloping Bob with his hot mouth.

“Oh, my Jesus.” It had been way too long since he’d been in another man’s mouth. He hadn’t forgotten how good it felt.

Boo bobbed up and down and then broke contact. “Jesus has nothing to do with this.” His eyes flashed red and his skin took on a reddish tone. His skin grew warmer, but it was pleasant as he gripped the base of Bob’s cock and worked up and down. “Consider this a little thank you from the powers that be for truly celebrating this season.” He swallowed the full length again, taking Bob into his throat.

As he stood there, the demon’s finger probing his ass while it swallowed his cum, Bob vowed only to ever give away full sized candy bars for the rest of his life.

Under Arrest – #BDSM #MF

I decided to take a crack at some Male/Female BDSM for this fun-sized fiction! 

I got tired of the guy hitting on me at the Halloween party, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I was dressed as a police officer, though not the slutty kind. I was pretty dolled up, but convincing. The handcuffs I carried were real and I had a few things in my utility belt for the special party I’d be attending later.

“OK, you want to go to the bathroom and make out? Follow me.” I led the tall, well-built redhead to his doom. The room was spacious and well appointed.

He started to put his arms around me and lean in for a kiss. I had the billy club out in a flash. “Ah. Ah. First things first. Hold out your hands.” I produced the cuffs.


I looked down at my cleavage and back up at him. “Really.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m your willing slave.” He did as asked and in a move I’d practiced time and again under similar circumstances, I had him cuffed behind his back. He was bigger than me, but all those Krav Maga lessons paid off. I told him to get on his knees.


“Give me permission to do whatever I want and you won’t be sorry.”

“Yes, ma’am!” I’d never seen a man hit his knees so hard in a long time. Well, at least a week. I produced a ball gag from my utility belt. That went on first. Then I had him crawl on his knees to a spot that had his face right over the toilet which supported his upper body.

He was dressed as Rocky, so getting his boxing trunks down and off was easy enough. He was well built down there, too. Had he not been a tool, this might have done differently.

“Be a good doggy, and you’ll get what’s coming to you.” I pulled out the mace canister which was really a mocked up lube dispenser. I worked the slick fluid over the head of my baton and then I worked a lubed finger in his ass. He squealed a bit and then moaned as I massaged his inner walls. When I started to work in my baton, he arched his back. He took it like the good little bitch he was.

“Now you have a tail. Put your face in the bowl.” I put my booted foot on his back.

He did, though he balked at touching the water.

I pulled out my cell phone and took a few pictures for posterity. “Now, I’m going to go about my business. I’ll leave your trunks on the dining room table and the handcuff key on the sink. You’ve been so good, I’ve decided to give you my number, but only call if you want to be treated this way. Do you like being my doggy?”

The pre-cum dripping from him was answer enough, but he nodded his head vigorously.

“Leave the women at this party alone. If I find out you bothered anyone else, I may have to send this pictures around to some mutual friends. Would you like that?”

He shook his head, red in the face and then looked down at his erection and back at me.

“You can take care of that yourself. See you later, Rover.” I walked out of the bathroom and left the door cracked just a bit, thankful I kept a spare baton in my trunk.  


Ghost Busted – #FriFlash #FunSizeFiction

Here’s a bit of festive flash fiction, inspired by http://fridayflash.fdotleonora.com/  If you like it, feel free to hit the tip jar on the sidebar!friflash

We decided that what was really called for was a throwback this Halloween. I went as a ghost – two holes for the eyes cut in a sheet. She went as the shower from Karate Kid with wrap around curtain and “bubbles” in the form of little balloons pasted all over a skimpy bathing suit. 

The party was fairly dull, but at least the music was loud. When I stepped into her shower and pulled the curtain closed around us, she raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, When I threw back my sheet, revealing my naked and delectable body, her mouth made an o of delight.

I got on my knees in front of her and pulled down her bottoms. I loved the way her nearly black skin contrasted with the white bubbles and loved her waxed mound even more. She couldn’t squat because of her costume, so she was forced to stay as still as possible while I ate her out.

Hands fisted in my hair, she came against my face, rubbing slick skin against my mouth and nose. The space filled with her scent. Once I’d gotten her to come a couple of times, I performed a little show for her. I got myself off with abandon. I was so engrossed in pleasing myself, I didn’t notice the music die or the curtain part slightly. The applause nearly killed me.

The rest of the party was lively enough to raise the dead and we’ve been invited to host next year’s.