Assignment #2 – Smoke and Fire

The assignment was to pick a story from round one and write what happens next,

I chose “Living Fever”:

Smoke drifted from her ripped Columbia sweatshirt that didn’t reach far enough down her bare hips. Wisps of moisture steamed from her thighs into the chill night. I offered her my Edgar Allan Poe throw as firetrucks wailed to the apartments. She wreathed it around us both, and smiled.

From that, I wrote “Smoke and Fire” (which had to be 100-125 words):

I tossed her my pair of Tetris block leggings. When she pulled them up, I tried to look away but I got a flash of her rose-colored thong.

She pulled at the shirt. “It’s just us girls?” The ripped, smoke-stained garment hit the nearby trash can. The bra underneath didn’t match her panties. Did it ever when you weren’t expecting… Whatever this was?

Liv stepped over to me.“I wanted to thank you for keeping me warm and offering your futon.”

I tried to wave it off, but she wove through my arms and kissed me, pale pink lips on my dark purple. Lipstick I’d put on to go clubbing.

I’d never been so glad to miss the boots and cats and boots and cats.  

I know some people didn’t get the last sentence. If I were to rewrite this without word count restrictions it would have gone something like this: 

We dashed out of the chilly night air from where the firefighters had done their work. Her apartment was a wreck, but mine was in an adjacent building, untouched by fire. My living room was sparse – the decor of a college student living on financial aid, but it was warm, dry, and smoke-free.

She stood there in nothing but her ripped sweatshirt, shivering under my blanket, a timid smile on her face.

I tossed her my pair of Tetris block leggings from the hamper of clean, unfolded laundry on my futon.

She caught them easily and when she pulled them up, I tried to look away but I got a flash of her rose-colored thong.

She pulled at the shirt. “It’s just us girls?” I didn’t have time to nod as the ripped, smoke-stained garment hit the nearby trash can. The bra underneath didn’t match her panties. Did it ever when you weren’t expecting… Whatever this was? Or was going to be?

Liv stepped over to me.“I wanted to thank you for keeping me warm and offering your futon.”

I tried to wave it off, but she wove through my arms and kissed me, pale pink lips on my dark purple. Lipstick I’d put on to go clubbing.

Her bra pressed against my shirt and as our kiss deepened, she pulled the long-tailed tee off over my rainbow colored hair. My bare tits brushed her satin cups. We moaned into each other’s mouths.

I pushed her down onto the futon and she knocked over the hamper of clothes. Our bodies entwined on the cheap fabric cushion. My leggings made the reverse journey over her legs, the rose thong as wet and inextricably joined to the Tetris blocks as our thighs were to each others.

The bra flew across the room, knocking over my collection of Poe inspired Funkos. The beating of her heart against my ear as I licked and sucked her skin was a telltale of how the rest of our evening went. I’d never been so glad to miss the boots and cats and boots and cats of the dance hall beat.   


Blood And Flowers

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This photo is beautiful, and I hope the story does it justice.

This is how magic came back to the world; blood and flowers. I remember the way things were Before. People spread hatred, so easily. There were beautiful ways to share art and kindness and they turned it into a way to disseminate distrust and deceit. People were being murdered in the street. Nothing new about that, but it was all so easy. But enough about the ugly past.

After is not perfect. There is little of what was called Technology left. There are still meanness and lies and all the rest. But we are pushing it back. We are the Sisters and we gathered all over the world. My lover and I collected our blood.  Some of it from our own painful pleasure. Some of it from the blessing of our fertility. We cut flowers from our gardens. and spread them around our rooms.

Power came from the Old practices and part of that was sex. Our bodies were so young. My figure was ripe and full like the nameless goddesses of old. Hers was as tall and willowy as the tree that stood outside our humble little apartment. At the appointed hour we stood in the circle drawn by the blood from our veins and vaginas. Petals were strewn about as well as cut flowers and even fresh ones ripped from the ground minutes before.

We kissed, gently at first. Her thin lips against my full. Her long fingers twined in mine. Tongues licked and searched mouths that were well-known paths, but found new places to titillate, even so. Around the globe, millions of our sisters were doing the same in groups as big a three dozen. As best we could, we kept our minds on each other.

She kissed down my breast bone and stomach and mound seeking the source of our power. My vulva opened to her like the flowers around us. She probed my heat and tasted the sweet tang. Her smile radiated pure joy and love. Love for me and love for the world.

The hairs on my arms and neck and legs stood on end, and not just from the pleasure that built from my hips and out. I knew that energy connected us to others. Fingers probed and teeth bit. Lips sought lips and tongues clits. I moaned and she growled.

She filled my heat and spread my cheeks, wanting our love to fill every nook and crevice in my body. She brought me to my knees and we kissed again, my tastebuds flaring to life at my essence on her tongue. Fingers tweaked two sets of nipples and we gasped.

I lay my head on her thigh and her on mine and we ate and drank, blood of our blood and flesh of our flesh. The communion of sisterhood birthing life into the universe, or at least our little corner of it. Our orgasm was born from this joining and the larger circle created by the oldest magic. It flared out and touched our sisters in our city and distant countries.

Together we screamed and moaned and reached for goblets and pitchers and plastic bowls to pour the sacred blood over skin that ran the spectrum of humanity. We scattered petals over our joined flesh and continued to writhe and moan and wail our pleasure into the world.

We awoke to a changed world. Not idyllic but filled with women of all shapes and sizes and creeds and colors who wanted this new world to be real. Was it magic? I don’t know. What I do know is that blood and flowers and love and lust and beauty have the power to change things. You just have to want it as much as I love her and she loves me.

Field of Wheat – Dr. Bourbon’s Story Party

This story is inspired by an image provided as a prompt by @BourbonSex and amazing dude I follow on Twitter. It’s less erotica and more just Adult Fiction:

PNG image

Dorene loved coming home and hated it at the same time. There were so many memories, good and bad, here. She always made the same three or four stops.

Old Man Grangers – The soda shop/burger joint of her youth where they still deep fried the hot dogs and made the best god damned milk shakes. Young Man Granger was walking in his dad’s cholesterol fueled footsteps, gradually adding things like adult beverages and a few healthy options but keeping the things that made the joint what it was.

The Town Cemetery – She had a few friends and a few more enemies here. Even at her relatively young age, she’d lost a few people. And she’d put three boys in here, though no one knew about it even still. She had zero regrets and gave zero fucks about that. She spit on each of their graves with every visit.

Mom’s Yarn Shop – The woman was in her early sixties and still put in sixty hours a week at the place. The town was drying up but she loved to see mom working at what she loved. It was made better by the fact that Mom was internet savvy and was sending specialty yarns she dyed herself all over the world.

The Wheat Field – She’d lost her virginity in this field. Three times to three different girls. It was always fun to let them think they were her first lay. There was Robyn of the red hair and milk pale skin. Her first true love and first horrible breakup. Then there was Paula, dark bob and dark eyes. She did teach Dorene how to smoke Paul Malls and drink whiskey straight from the bottle. Dorene’s sixteenth year was magical. Finally, there was Jane. Now Jane had, in a sense, taken her virginity. An out of towner, Jane used Dorene for raw sex and fucked her every way from Sunday. Including her heart and her bank account.

Dorene stood in the wheat field, looking over the spots where she’d spilled spit and come and dreams. She’d even made out with her only ever boyfriend here. His come had spilled into the dirt that day and later in the summer they’d both decided they were for sure gay.

This would be her last visit. It was time to put on her new face and start a new life. Her last job had been fruitful and set her up for life, so long as she was careful. She wouldn’t be able to come back here though. She’d need to be dead. Pussy and eyes wet from the memories, she sprayed the nearest clump of dried wheat stalks with lighter fluid. It wouldn’t burn down completely, but there was something about the cleansing power of fire she loved. She wished she could burn the whole town down. Preserve it in everyone’s memory, but you can’t burn the dead, Granger’s cheese steak fry nachos were amazing, and Mom would be losing her baby girl. This would have to do.

She walked away as flames licked her past, her black coat whipping in the breeze.

Quick and Dirty Reviews 2 – Electric Boogaloo

I read a TON of short fiction while “researching” for my own writing. And sometimes it’s just for kicks. And sometimes it’s… Well anyway you get the idea. So here are a few quick and dirty reviews of books I’ve read. The scale I’m using is Wet Panties (the number I’d soak through while reading).

claimedJenni Blaze’s fiction is almost always tongue in cheek and in every instance I’ve run into is SEXY AS HELL. Claimed is no exception. A real douchecanoe has a run in with the sexiest razor models that you could ask for in a place you might not want to ask for it in – a bar bathroom. But what happens there is life-changing for him. When I say there’s a happy ending, I mean it in more ways that one. While I read this quite a while back, it stuck with me. I give this four wet panties out of five. You can follow Jenni aka CJ at eroticCJ on Twitter.

Thankful for Boot Season by Kinky Writer was one of those I read almost puboot seasonrely for research. My love of cute feet is known but that doesn’t really extend to a footwear fetish. I’m always on the lookout for new things to read though, and books like this help me understand a bit more about kink. Having said that, this was MUCH hotter than I thought it would be. If boots or domination are your thing, checking this book out would be well worth the time spent.  I give this book two wet panties and a pair of footy socks that might also be slightly damp.

neighborsSometimes as a writer you get approached by folks who’d like you to read their stuff. I try and stay open to the idea especially as I’m trying to get into editing as a side gig. Hero West wrote Neighbors (Book One) and asked me to give it a look pre-publication. I did and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I’m glad I said yes. She NAILS so many things erotica writers fail at. Number one is heart and number two is actual real human beings in your story. You do that and it doesn’t matter how hot your verbiage is. While this book is light on sex (don’t worry, there is some and it’s hot) it’s a set up for a book that might well cause Kindles to melt. I know since I’ve read it too. This got four
panties out of five. And it would have gotten the fifth but like I said, it’s short and light.

haircutAn Innocent Haircut by Richard Bacula is not a perfect book by any means. It raised a few questions I wasn’t sure I wanted the answers to, like “How old is the protagonist?” and some I did like, “Where is this barber shop?” The prose wasn’t stellar. It could have stood another round of edits (not for grammar or punctuation, but maybe a snip here or there) but it was slow, sensuous, and FULLY satisfying. It’s one of those you read just for the really good fucking and it’s REALLY GOOD. I give this book five out of five panties and a slightly damp chair.

workoutThis is one of those books I read for a swap. Author BJ Black  contacted me and wanted to know if I’d read and review his book Workout Buddies: The Bet if he’d read and review mine. I was glad to do it without the quid pro quo. I like MM fiction and the premise seemed interesting. Annnd, I didn’t love it. The characters were relatively well done, but a little flat. I didn’t buy into a lot of what was going on. I don’t know any guys, bi or otherwise who’d make that kind of bet, but erotica is filled with odd premises. A few of which could be seen above. BUT, the sex here is hot. This would fall into strictly “Get the Orgasm Done” kind of reading. A lot like Innocent Haircut. I wouldn’t read either of these books for the characters. The difference is I liked the hair stylist and the young man. I didn’t like either of these characters. I would give this one pair of slightly damp panties out of five.

That’s all for now. I hope you find something here to enjoy!

Smut Marathon – Round 1 Roundup

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Floss Does Life did an amazing round up of the first round of entries for the Smut Marathon. So, in the tradition of writers everywhere, I’m going to write one inspired by her.  But go read the original.

And if you haven’t, go read the results as well!

The first assignment was:

Write about the moment when two people first see each other.

Specific requirements
– No dialogue
– your story is between 30-50 words. No less, no more.
– give your story a title of maximum 2 words

My story was:

52) Losing Everything

When Molly first saw Eliza, her eyes slid up legs encased in shimmery stockings and the green silk mini-dress hugging her full curves. When she made it to Eliza’s laughing blue eyes, she lost everything. Self control. Bad memories. And later, in the back of Eliza’s car, her panties.

The Votes

This was a super hard challenge. I was tickled to have placed in the top ten in the public vote and fourth place in the jury vote. This was also my first year participating, so it was even more of an honor. Some people took huge risks. I felt that I played it a little safe, playing to some of my strengths.

The Feedback

Here’s some feedback I recieved:

52 – Another well-formed piece of fiction, that gave me a full story and a sense of the tale being complete, while definitely allowing my mind to elaborate on the bigger picture for the characters.

52 – This one also made my first short list. Maybe Molly caught my eye. But on further reading it just feels like something is missing and I think it is context again. Maybe ” When Molly first saw Eliza” at the ? And you had placed them somewhere it would have made it a much stronger piece.

52) That’s a lot of information in so few words. Especially “bad memories”.

52. Losing Everything: I really enjoyed this piece, the storytelling, the details. Only one tip: start either the first or second sentence with an other word than ‘when’.

52. Losing Everything: I smidge pat, but also clever. Made me smile.

52) Losing Everything (4)
What I thought worked: This is very sexy and, as with most of the stories in my top nine, one of the things that makes it stand out from the other stories in this round is that you’ve described the characters in detail (what they’re wearing etc.), so the reader can easily picture them and the story doesn’t feel generic.
What I thought worked less well: A minor quibble, but it would be good to get a sense of what Eliza noticed about Molly, too.

I love that it made people smile and how sexy they thought it was. I also appreciate the feedback that I packed a lot into a little space. Writing Tweetfiction really helped me hone that sill.

My Votes and My Feedback

But this isn’t just about me. This is also about the entries that caught my eye.

29 – Succubus by Raven Lee – I do love me some supernatural erotica. The thing that caught my eye on this one other than that last line is the mystery here. Humans are just food to this creature but something about this particular person has drawn her here. The mystery and raw power that Raven packed into this was one reason why I voted for it.

54 – Her Scent by Turtleberry – This was was all about the sensuality. TB drew on all five senses in such a short punchy paragraph. It seemed languid in spite of its brevity. Also I’m a sucker for honeysuckle.

57 – Wardrobe Malfunction by Cal – Humor and embarrassment are excellent ways to bring erotica down to earth and the detail of what she was wearing made this whole bit of flash just a little bit hotter.

82 – Living Fever by Owen Latchkey – This HOT meet cute was filled with poetry. Again the little details (Poe throw and wisps of steam) elevated it.

There were so many other good ones. Some left me scratching my head (did they know this was supposed to be smutty?). Some just didn’t trip my trigger. A LOT of this is subjective. Overall, it was a lot of fun. The next assignment has been posted and I look forward to it. If you’re participating, best of luck. If you’re not, VOTE!!!

Steamy Chat from Aimee and Sorcha to You

A little peak into a chat between the Aimee and Sorcha from just before Friends to Lovers: Sorcha and Aimee’s First Time.

Sorcha Rowan
Still swimming in your panties or was that a colorful exaggeration?

Aimee Maroux
It was an exaggeration, but not by much

Sorcha Rowan
So you’re sloshing around? If you to put your hand in your panties, it would instantly be soaked?

Aimee Maroux
I just meant to check and realised I don’t wear any panties, it’s my jogging pants 😂Not soaked, but damp

Sorcha Rowan
But if you pressed your fingers between your legs they wouldn’t encounter much resistance? Clit swollen a little. Lips protruding. Stop me if you don’t want to play this game.

Aimee Maroux
There would be no resistance…

Sorcha Rowan
Slip your fingers in. I’m there, watching you. I can smell you. I can see your nipples stiffen.

Aimee Maroux
Gotta get rid of those pants first…

Sorcha Rowan
Please do. Let me know when they’re off

Aimee Maroux
They’re off. I’m running my hand over my arse.

Sorcha Rowan
Such a beautiful ass. So round and smooth. I’m so wet right now. Are you wearing a shirt?

Aimee Maroux
Pyjama top. A cosy one, not a sexy one 😜 But no pants. My fingers are brushing lightly over my untrimmed bush…

Sorcha Rowan
So you could touch your breasts while you run one finger up and down your slit?

Aimee Maroux

Sorcha Rowan
Do that for me.

Aimee Maroux
Can reach one breast well, not both at the same time. But I’m doing it.

Sorcha Rowan
So beautiful. I’d love to bury my nose in that bush

Aimee Maroux
My small nipples are hard against the soft fabric of the pyjama shirt

Sorcha Rowan
Imagine my tongue on them. My teeth nipping at them. Slip a finger in your wet pussy. I imagine you’re moaning softly.

Aimee Maroux
My middle finger slides into the soft, wet entrance. I think about how rough the inner walls are, compared to the rectum.

Sorcha Rowan
Can you unbutton a few buttons and slip a hand inside your shirt? I’d love to slide a lubed up finger in your ass while you play with your sopping cunt. Spread your legs as wide as you can.

Aimee Maroux
I slip a hand inside my shirt. Not playing with my ass today, but my fingers fuck my sopping cunt with my legs spread wide. My palm touches the clitoris gently

Sorcha Rowan
How many fingers can you slide into your wet, warmth?

Aimee Maroux

Sorcha Rowan
I’m stroking myself through my pants, rubbing my thumb on my clit. Slowly speed up your fingers. I imagine the wet sounds you make. Are you moaning for me cherie?

Aimee Maroux
Oui, chéri How does it feel through those pants?

Sorcha Rowan
I can feel the moisture leaking from between my lips. So wet. My pants are rubbing my clit.

Aimee Maroux
Nice! I hope it’s not too uncomfy

Sorcha Rowan
Not at all. I’m too busy watching you. Thinking about how I’d undo my pants and slide my fingers in if I were there. Stroking it in time with your hand. So kind to think about my comfort.

Aimee Maroux
😘 I’m a bad girl, but I do care about my friends

Sorcha Rowan
So bad. You should pinch your nipple and slap your clit a little.  Taste yourself for me?

Aimee Maroux
Hm… slightly sour, but just a hint. I’m being gentle, but I do it.

Sorcha Rowan
Mmmm. I love how sweet I am. I can’t taste myself right now, but I love to rub my fingers on my clit until its covered in my juices and then lick them clean. Good girl. Treat your minou kindly. I would if I were there.

Aimee Maroux
My juices taste lovely, it’s delicious when I’m touching myself

Sorcha Rowan
I bet you’d like having my clit in that pretty mouth.

Aimee Maroux
I’m getting close. Frantically rubbing

Sorcha Rowan
Good girl. I want you to come for me thinking about licking and sucking my cunt.

Aimee Maroux
I came

Sorcha Rowan
I’d love to lick those fingers clean for you 😈I’d lick the juices off just like Aphrodite

Aimee Maroux
Everything is wet and swollen But I feel better now ☺️

Sorcha Rowan
Good! I’m glad I could help  I like helping

Aimee Maroux
Especially if it involves this kind of helping, eh? 😈

Sorcha Rowan
Oh of course! Making pretty girls cum is my favorite. And I think I’m pretty good at it. 🔥😍😈

Aimee Maroux
Oh yes! I agree

Sorcha Rowan
Good! Maybe I should try writing sexy stories?

Aimee Maroux
You could be really good at it – who knows? 😇I have to try to get some sleep, unfortunately. I’ll let you know whether I’m getting some tomorrow or if we can write.

Sorcha Rowan
Sounds like a plan.

Aimee Maroux
Take care & read you tomorrow ❤️

Sorcha Rowan
Blow your minou a kiss for me

Aimee Maroux
Just did 😁 Goodnight

Sorcha Rowan

If you want to know what happens when Aimée and Sorcha meet in person, look no further:

“Solo Mission” by Ava Sterling – Cover Reveal

Solo Mission - cover

I LOVE Ava Sterling’s work. When she asked if I’d show you guys her new work, I jumped at the chance. So, you’ve seen the sexy AS FUCK cover. Here’s the blurb:

There’s only one way to handle an agent who looks that good.

The evening was supposed to be simple: hold an event, have the media over, celebrate a charity, and have a few martinis in the process. These days, that’s as exciting as things get for Pearla, and she prefers it that way.

Years ago, she gave up being an operative for the agency and hasn’t looked back. She created a company using her savings and life has been treating her well. Well enough to start giving back to the community. But on the night she hosts a party for all her colleagues, her past comes back to haunt her. When she enters her office after taking a break from the crowd, she comes face-to-face with a female agent in a rather tight dress.

Minutes later, it’s a fight for Pearla’s business, her livelihood, and her reputation. They are the only things on her mind . . . that is until a new desire overtakes her, one that will suddenly take precedence over everything else.

Pearla might not be getting back to the party for a long time.

If you enjoy steamy stories about lesbian women, tight dresses, spies, and fight scenes, then you’ll love Solo Mission.

I look forward to reading it and more be found here – You can also become a patron of hers here (I am) –