Capricious by Julie Cox #ScorchingBookClub

Well, thanks to Lisa of the SmutCast, I've decided to create a smutty book club. I reached out to one of my erotica mentors, Nobilis of Nobilis Erotica, and he recommended several books. One of those was Capricious by Julie Cox. Welcome to Fox Pass, Texas, a small community where the people are friendly and the … Continue reading Capricious by Julie Cox #ScorchingBookClub

Free Stories

Other than the ones I have posted here, you can access some of my stories at no charge from sites around the internet! "Offstage Performance" - Male/Female, sex in a public place "Read Me Like a Book" - Female/female, power dynamic, first time "Eager Tongues" - Female/female MyErotica stories - "The … Continue reading Free Stories

Balance of Power by CB Redson – A Lesbian Fantasy

Being an erotica author has presented me with no small number of unique opportunities. I've met all manner of fascinating people. Cut to a few weeks ago, when I made the acquaintance of a person we're going to call CB Redson. CB wanted to give me stories to publish and make money from as an … Continue reading Balance of Power by CB Redson – A Lesbian Fantasy

Book Birthday! – Pan Sexual: An Interspecies Romance

Aimee Maroux, longtime writing partner and friend, and I have worked out magic yet again! This time we tackle a love affair between a centuar and a faun (centauride and fauna technically as they're both women). We wanted to share just a little taste with potential readers and picked out this snippet.  “Oh by the … Continue reading Book Birthday! – Pan Sexual: An Interspecies Romance